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The Need To Have A Good Administrator Of Your Offshore Business

The success of a business is guaranteed if it is run efficiently and productively. This is why it is mandatory for any of the startup offshore business in Singapore to appoint a business secretary to carry out the administration jobs of the business in a clean and perfect manner. It is hard to run a business without the services of a secretary. One of the important criterions in setting up a business in Singapore is to appoint a person to this post. Their role in the business is limited to the administrative front and they do not deal with finances or any other aspects of the business.

Role a secretary plays

  • The person is the one who is responsible for setting up the business and its registered office. They can also deal with the registering company in Singapore services to get a name and address for the business.
  • They will be responsible for setting up the business in the offshore locations and make sure that the new business address is seen on all the official documentation and stationary.
  • They will be arranging the necessary meetings between the company executives and interested parties from time to time. They will be setting up the meeting and ensure that everyone is aware of the meeting.
  • They will have to ensure that all the invitees attend the meeting as important business discussions will be discussed during these meetings.
  • He or she is responsible for maintaining the minutes of every meeting for future reference.

Relationship between the business and companies’ house

It is very important to maintain a very good relationship and rapport between the business and the companies’ house. This is the responsibility of the secretary of the business. All the important correspondence and communication between the two is handled by the person. They should ensure the timely submission of the annual returns and annual accounts and all the necessary documents about the business of the house. The changes in the directorship or the company structure or the address of the business have to be notified to the companies’ house immediately and this is also done by the secretary.

Finding the right secretary

As there are plenty of duties and responsibilities that the secretary needs to fulfill it is highly important for any business to hire the best secretary from the corporate secretarial services. The person that you hire must be experienced in offering the best services and should have the necessary certification and the qualifications to take up the post. They should have very good communication skills and know the laws of the start at their tip of their hands.